Step-Up Edger is a new idea for lawn edging. Step-Up Edgers let your lawn mower do the weed-eating as it rolls along the lower level of the Step-Up Edgers.

Vyking Stone

The Vyking Wall System was developed to supply a large commercial Segmental Retaining Wall (SRW) system that gives benefits not found in other systems.

PYZIQUE Stone (Landscape)

The PYZIQUE Stone builds straight and curved retaining walls, shadow box walls, bump-out walls, steps, patio barrier walls, BBQ grills, outdoor kitchens, stone fence, lawn and paver edge, and much more.

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Paul Adam, a native of Missouri, graduated from the University of Missouri with a degree in Chemical Engineering. After college he served in the U S Army. Following completion of his military service, he returned to the University of Missouri where he graduated with a Masters Degree in Business Administration. After a successful career in the oil industry, Mr. Adam changed careers and took a position managing a concrete products plant in Northwest Missouri.

It was during this time that Paul designed, patented and trademarked the PYZIQUE wall stone. He subsequently left to concentrate on developing his patented double faced stone system. He continued working to develop stone systems for retaining walls and landscaping. Paul has designed, patented and trademarked the VyKing retaining wall system, the MaytRx wall system, the Cameo paver and the Step-Up edger. Additionally, Paul's skill as a designer of stone systems is based in his hands-on knowledge from personally building retaining walls, landscape walls, and stone patio projects at various locations where he has lived since the PYZIQUE stone was first designed and produced.

Today, Paul expands his hands-on knowledge and expertise by personally building and designing stone projects with his stone systems that are designed for ease and quickness of installation, making projects easy for homeowners to use and making retaining walls quicker to build for commercial installers. Paul also develops technical materials for sales and installation advice while he continues to grow and support the network of licensed producers nationwide.

The System

The MaytRx multi-use, multi-stone system is the prescription for retaining walls, stone fences, steps, columns and many other projects that display the character of natural stone installations.

The MaytRx system has five stones of different sizes and shapes. All five stones have two faces on each stone allowing projects to be built that require a finished look on both sides of walls, such as stone fences.

The MaytRx system offers strength, beauty and long life in a multi-stone, multi-use wall system that eliminates the fixed patterns of other multi-stone systems. Like the building blocks of our youth, the 5 MaytRx stones may be used randomly throughout any retaining wall, stone fence or other project. No pins are required to construct landscape walls and other projects. For all projects except engineered retaining walls, MaytRx uses a grooved alignment system that allows the installer to visually control the setback of each layer of stones. MaytRx can also be used to build engineered Segmental Retaining Walls (SRW's). MaytRx pins are used to align each layer's setback and secure the geogrid during the construction of engineered SRW's.

The MaytRx A, B, X, and Y stones are 10" deep. Stones faces vary from 12" wide by 6" tall to 4" wide by 6" tall. The Cap stone is 11" deep. It is 12" wide and 3" tall and may be used within retaining wall projects as well as used as a Cap stone. Also, the A stone and Cap Stone may be set on end as a soldier in many wall projects.